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Structural Innovation

The Design Challenge
At Boehmer Box, our structural designers have a dual mandate. High impact, secure packaging with structural integrity is one half of the design equation. Two factors are analyzed here: die line choice and right sizing.

The other is to help you select the appropriate caliper and substrate to optimize costs and reduce the overall amount of packaging.

Choose what is right for you from our rich menu of options.

Retail Package Design
Unique, high impact designs that run on conventional filling lines are our specialty.

Open, Close and Reseal Features
Food safety and quality assurance are our first considerations. Working with thousands of die lines, we deliver visually arresting, fully functional packaging solutions.

We are the leaders in waxing applications that ensure your frozen food packages have both visual stopping power and the ability to structurally withstand the freezer environment in supermarkets and grocery stores.

UV Coating
UV coating provides the highest gloss, best results for rub resistance, is non-yellowing and can be recycled. Consider full coverage or spot accents for maximum on-shelf impact.

Aqueous Coating
This water-based coating is particularly cost efficient in large volumes and longer runs. Unlike UV coating, it will accept ink jet printing.

Sized Board
Consider the cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to wet strength board. Grades II, V and all ply-sized board are always readily available.

Sequential ID Codes
Print a sequential unique ID code on the inside or outside of your carton.

In-Line Embossing
Get the visual impact of foil stamping at a fraction of the cost, using our in-line embossing that will add to your cartonís appeal.

Adding windows is an effective way to stand out and offer the customer a view of your product.

Microwave Susceptor Film
This strategically positioned, thin layer of aluminum allows for area-specific, controlled browning of food contents.

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