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Quality & Consistency

Maintaining brand image through colour consistency – run-to-run, carton by carton – is a key priority. Precise reproduction and an expansive FM6® colour spectrum enhance your package’s appeal to customers.

Quality has many faces at Boehmer Box.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
Achieving ISO certification was the first step in an ongoing process. We continue to test the limits of the strictest quality guidelines as they exist throughout the organization.

A comprehensive colour management system allows us to deliver predictable and repeatable colour:
  1. A closed loop digital colour management solution is used to capture, deliver and control information to our printing equipment.

  2. Digital colour proofing is tightly synchronized to our printing presses, and ensures a virtually perfect match between proof and print.

  3. A fully automated computer-to-plate system guarantees consistent results across all presses.
Remote Proofing
The remote proofing workflow model significantly reduces the cost and cycle times typically associate with art approvals. Bottom line: it speeds, organizes and automates proof approvals.
  • proofs are output or viewed at your location
  • immediate and on-demand proof production
  • use in-house proofing for all printing media, e.g., litho, flexo, gravure
Stringent Manufacturing Practices
Rigorously enforced policies guide the day-to-day operations, and cover a range of areas:
  • food safety
  • quality control
  • building equipment and maintenance
  • plant sanitation and processing
  • pest control
  • shipping, receiving and storage
  • allergen management
  • cleanliness
Precise Production Specifications
Our strict tolerance guidelines are self-imposed and self-policed. The result is clear: Boehmer Box regularly outperforms the toughest visual and technical specifications.

Third Party Audits
Maintaining quality is an ongoing and transparent exercise. Customer and independent, third party auditing organizations are welcome to audit our processes.

Supplier Certifications
All Boehmer Box suppliers must pass a series of on and off-line tests. Primary vendors are evaluated quarterly. All suppliers are monitored on an ongoing basis through our Vendor Quality Assurance system.

On Time Delivery
Sophisticated logistics management, informed by integrated systems, allows us to monitor all manufacturing and shipments of finished goods. Constant vigilance ensures that we meet our goals of on-time delivery. And real time updates are available on our Customer Portal.
Customer Portal
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