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FM6® Printing Technology

FM6® a patented digital printing process has changed the landscape. A whole new world of possible colour combinations never before seen on packaging, are now yours for the asking without any additional cost.

And the only packaging supplier in North America using it is Boehmer Box.

The FM6® Competitive Advantage
FM6® reproduces the traditional Pantone spot colour library in a single printing pass using CMYK, FM orange, FM blue and FM green. Designers more so than ever before, can put aesthetic considerations ahead of printing technology limitations.

FM6® colour technology can:
  • add virtually unlimited spot colours without the added cost of additional plate set and make readies
  • increase colour consistency run-to-run with six colours or 12
  • make shorter runs possible because of its ability to combine spot colour with extended colour builds
  • reduce press down time because wash ups between jobs are unnecessary
  • manage your pre-press work flow seamlessly, using the FM6® Automated Colour Conversion Software
  • provide enhanced fine detail, tonal changes and fine textures with photo-like print versus conventional print at 200 lpi resolution
To maximize FM6® performance, Boehmer maintains skilled in-house digital pre-press and structural design teams who scrutinize not only how the carton looks, but how it actually performs on the filling and packaging lines.

Environmental Impact
A compelling consideration when choosing the FM6® technology is its sustainable packaging advantage and reduced environmental impact.

FM6® helps to:
  • reduce waste
  • reduce energy consumption
  • reduce the number of printing plates used
  • reduce the amount of inks and other
    chemicals used, and as a result
  • reduce the volume of VOCs [volatile organic
    chemicals] emitted into the atmosphere
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