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Strategic, ongoing investment in technology is a key factor in keeping Boehmer Box a leading edge provider of paperboard packaging solutions.
Pre-Press Services
Our electronic pre-press team has the expertise to handle projects of all levels of complexity. They can take a product sample or idea straight through to a finished carton.

Our 100% digital workflow maximizes flexibility. Using ArtiosCAD structural design software, Kongsberg sample table and Fuji FinalProof Dot Proofer, we are able to supply the most realistic samples on the market today. Creo Prinergy Powerpack workflow is linked to the ArtiosCAD, making the most accurate Digital CTP workflow possible.

The Boehmer Box FTP site makes art file transfer instantaneous and secure so that your cartons can be manufactured and delivered with the shortest possible lead times.

For our customers who use film or donít have access to digital files, we have copy dot scanning capability.

A sheeter equipped with on-line metal detectors ensures that the presses are continually supplied with printing materials sheeted to custom sizes. We also carry a large inventory of paperboard rolls to maximize scheduling flexibility and reduce wait times.

Our 40", 51" and 56" presses allow us to handle everything from large-scale packaging to the most demanding, specialized graphic reproductions of more complex, small-scale products.

All presses are capable of at least six colours. And all inks are mixed and monitored in-house using an ink spectrophometer to ensure 100% accuracy.

Whatever your requirement, we have the craftsmen and the tools on hand.
  • Multiple, high-speed Bobst die cutters
  • Multiple straight-line gluers equipped with auto packers and code readers
  • Right-angle gluers with four- and six-corner features and auto-bottom capabilities
  • Waxers capable of two-sided pattern waxing with high gloss finishing for frozen food packaging
  • A windower/susceptor applicator
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