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GreenChoice™ 100

GreenChoice 100

Boehmer Box leads the way to a greener future with the GreenChoice 100 and other EcoLogo™ certified Strathcona paperboard products.

GreenChoice 100 is North America’s most eco-friendly paperboard.
  • made from 100% recycled fibres
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% of the energy used in its manufacture is offset with clean energy
  • 100% of CO2 emissions generated during its manufacture are returned to the environment
The positive environmental impact of using GreenChoice is clear.

By using GreenChoice 100 recycled paperboard, Janes Family Foods reduced their annual environmental impact as follows:

Trees Saved

Landfill Reduction

Energy Reduction

Water Reduced

Net Greenhouse Emissions

Clean Energy


473,254 kg

14,950,142 kJ

43,410,455 litres



*As measured by the Environmental Defence Paper Calculator
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