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Case Studies

Concord Premium Meats  l  Janes Family Foods  l  Dietz & Watson
Kerr Farms  l  Sure-Grow Inc.
 Concord Premium Meats  Concord Premium Meats

The Challenge
This customer had three issues to resolve. With their former supplier, not only was their colour quality inconsistent from package to package but the photographic quality was not crisp. They were also seriously thinking of reducing their eight colour carton design to six, due to both absolute cost and press limitations.

We made two recommendations:
  1. A move to FM6® would:

    • generate photographic-level quality graphics with 400 lpi resolution

    • allow them to remain with an eight colour design template

    • combine multiple eight colour jobs in one run; thereby increasing run sizes while reducing plate sets and make readies

  2. A move to GreenChoice 100 paperboard ? with all its environmental credentials and logo certifications – would emphasize their environmental consciousness.
The customer achieved tremendous costs savings and supply chain benefits:
  1. they are now able to run up to ten 8 colour jobs together [10 up die]. This reduces cost by combining smaller runs into a single, higher volume run; with lower carton inventory and storage costs across all product ranges.

  2. cost savings in reduced plate sets and less make ready costs.

  3. with the move to GreenChoice 100 recycled board, the customer has been able to fully comply with their customer’s environmental demands, including critical elements of the Wal-Mart Sustainable Packaging Scorecard.
Janes Family Foods   Janes Family Foods

The Challenge
This Canadian family-owned manufacturer of premium quality frozen foods was exploring re-branding opportunities to highlight their family values message.

We made two recommendations:
  1. A move to GreenChoice 100 recycled paperboard, along with use of the EcoLogo, Environmental Impact and GreenChoice 100 logos on all their new packaging would reinforce the family values positioning.

  2. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the move to FM6® would generate economic benefits with its unlimited colour gamut and improved print quality, reduction of colour variances, the introduction of additional spot colours on all cartons, promotions and flyers and the opportunity for combination runs – all at no extra cost.
The customer was able to reinforce a core branding message with an eco-friendly board and the move to FM6® resulted in both cost and environmental footprint reductions.

The next step in the evolution is to identify structural refinements to reduce the absolute amount of packaging.
Dietz & Watson   Dietz & Watson

The Challenge
The customer was using virgin board and experiencing colour inconsistencies from run to run. It was also time in the brand?s life cycle to look at a more updated packaging style.

We made three recommendations:
  1. A more structurally innovative carton style would add immediate on-shelf interest.

  2. Powerful, premium imagery would be achieved with the application of a carton coating and in-line embossing.

  3. Virgin CUK board would be replaced by a less expensive and more environmentally friendly recycled board.
The move from virgin to recycled paperboard generated immediate cost savings without any change in carton performance.

The redesigned carton, with its enhanced graphics and finishes resulted in a more competitive on-shelf appearance and more effectively communicated the brand?s premium quality.
Kerr Farms   Kerr Farms

The Challenge
Kerr Farms leads a group of Ontario family farmers who raise beef the traditional way and vegetables the organic way. Their Ontario Angus beef is raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products of any kind. Their farms grow an array of organic vegetables using organic compost.

The customer was interested in retail market expansion and looking for a printing/packaging partner sensitized to their business and willing to work collaboratively with their existing graphic design team.

We made three recommendations:
  1. A move to GreenChoice 100 board would complement their organic product.

  2. Use of FM6® would offer quality and cost reduction benefits.

  3. Our structural designers, working with their library of thousands of die lines, would find a suitable, existing die in inventory.
Being able to use an existing carton die dramatically cut the time it took to go to market, and reduced structural and design costs.

The environmental credibility of GreenChoice 100 board and FM6® reinforced the brand positioning of the customer?s products.

Working closely with the customer and its design team produced ongoing cost benefits as more SKUs were added to the portfolio, all using similar or existing die lines and combo runs.
Sure-Gro Inc.   Sure-Gro Inc.

The Challenge
This manufacturer of gardening products was using expensive poly boards and incurring the expense of additional process inks to accurately reproduce their special Pantone colours.

We made two recommendations:
  1. Move from the poly board to a Strathcona recycled board with an interior wax coating to create the moisture barrier their products require.

  2. Move to FM6® printing, which would allow them to bring full colour back to their cartons at lower cost, and increase inventory efficiency.
  1. The move to a less expensive waxed recycled board with performance characteristics similar to poly board generated significant savings.

  2. Adopting FM6® resulted in high impact full colour graphics without the need for additional Pantone inks to achieve their special colours.

  3. Additional cost reductions came as a result of less ink, fewer plate sets and make ready costs. Combination runs of multiple, full colour SKUs further reduced unit costs.

  4. The new carton is now also compostable.
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